Best Perfume For Bride For Wedding In India 2021

Best Perfume For Bride For Wedding In India 2021

Best Perfume For Bride For Wedding In India 2021

Best Perfume For Bride For Wedding In India 2021


Best Perfume For Bride For Wedding In India 2021

Hey guys, so today’s In This Article is gonna be another perfume  I know But this has been such a highly requested. You guys have been asking me to do an updated perfume collection For months now, I feel like four years. Now. What was my last perfume collection?

I mean, I do a lot of her fume videos But by the way, I have my Invisalign on I’ve been too many hours without it So I had to put it on for this video. I apologize if I sound a little SP Oh my gosh, my last perfume collection was four years ago. I was living in Mississippi. So

It’s been a while. I can’t believe it’s been that long since I show you all of my perfumes altogether. That’s insane thought it would be the perfect time to do this video because just last week Recently, I should have filmed it. But I didn’t I recently decluttered so many perfumes. I had about 60 of them. I know it’s really bad. It’s very bad. Some people collect coins

This is what I collect. But I know it’s bad because they go bad But I had like sixty perfumes and I got rid of so many let me tell them I’m like 20. Yeah, you’re like 20 and there’s one in here I want to get rid of and I’ll explain and actually one of them has one spray left. So this one doesn’t count

Oh my god, where’s my black opium? Hold on. I’m missing one Okay, I don’t know where my normal bottle of black OPM is that’s what a guy will do How do we need perfume okay, you already know I talk a lot I’m CUBAN this video is going to be really long

I’m going to be trying my best to get through all of these perfumes as fast as I can but if this video is 30 minutes long or more, I’m so Finally, I got this shirt at forever 21 like a while ago and I love bell sleeves I love anything that makes you feel like a bird, but every time I wear something like this

I think about my 5th-grade talent show. I had just performed with a huge group of my friends we did the Britney Spears version of rock and broke the food and hoodie I’m no a singer, but we did that song and it was amazing And then as soon as we were done three girls went on stage my new this is the fifth grade

These three girls are another I’m through school and when they walked on stage their outfits, they were wearing bandanas, you know Like the classic bandanas the black one the red one. Well, they come in all colors, but they weren’t in the traditional

I have a clear vision in my head and I’m pretty sure I was like a zebra print but they were wearing it like if It was a shirt. So it looked like a triangle and then they had attached bell sleeves up to their elbows So it was a little triangle top with their bell sleeves and they did a dance to a song bad

Plant a song for you to do a little dance as they did. Oh, the song is I want to be bad. You know this I got exactly remember the whole dance But I remember being traumatized you can tell such a little dorky Aquarius because I remember sitting in the audience

Okay, they totally couldn’t show shoulders. They’re showing shoulders I don’t know why I felt the need to tell you that story But I just want you to know that every time I put on bell sleeves I think of my fifth-grade talent show Okay, let’s finally get into this video. I decided to do it standing up and I honestly don’t know why because I cannot sit still

Okay, so I don’t know how to go through these videos at first I was like do them by categories like fruity ones sweet ones’ fresh ones’ sexy ones But I had a feeling I would start that way and then get confused. So, um, I think I’m just gonna go I’m just gonna randomly pick one up and talk about it. And if we form categories along the way That’s what we’ll do. You know what I think it would be cool to kind of go buy brands. I don’t know

Let me just shut up and talk. Okay, I’m gonna start off with my new favorite perfume about a year ago In This Article on my top five favorite perfumes.

Shakira Eau de Toilette For Women 50ML

Best Perfume For Bride For Wedding In India 2021

This Perfume Are Only Created For bride And These Are Suite For New Bride And Smells Are Very Good And See The Review Of Perfume

Customer Review

Chetna Kaushik:

Got the delivery earlier than anticipated. It was lovely to smell and the packaging is absolutely classy. Great to use in an office setting, will last for 3-4 hours maximum depending on the weather. I suggest spritz after 2 hours.

United Dreams Love Yourself Eau de Toilette For Women, 80 ml

Best Perfume For Bride For Wedding In India 2021

  • Usage: Hold the can upright 5 10 cm away from the skin and avoid eye contact harmful if taken internally
  • Target Audience: Women
  • Package Contents: 1 Eau de Toilette
  • Country of Origin: Spain

Customer Review

cherub deedwania:

it’s the best perfume u ever gift to ur wife … u loved the smell when she put on her clothes … the smell u cant forget
Thank you

Shakira Eau de Toilette For Women 50ML

Best Perfume For Bride For Wedding In India 2021

Customer Review


This was one of the last purchases I made before we went into a lockdown. Opening the carton I could smell the ocean. It’s an ocean in a bottle. A very fresh, clean, light perfume for those who want to smell like the ocean.

Guess Seductive Women Eau de Toilette 75 ml

Best Perfume For Bride For Wedding In India 2021

Customer Review


Good product especially for regular use. The fragrance stays for at least the major part of the day. Gifted this to my wife and she is quite happy with the product.

And if I had to do that Article this one would join the mix I would have to bump some guy out. I don’t know who I would Bob out. That’s tough But this perfume has taken a huge spot in my heart. This is Dolce & Gabbana The only one this is the perfect combination of that sexy sweet when I was younger. I hated florals hated fresh scents

I was all about the sweets But as I got older I liked them more much her sweet sense and I feel like this is definitely it right now Honestly, I’m at a point where all I want to wear. Is this perfume. I I can’t. Wow. It’s so delicious It has a base note of patchouli

And for some reason whenever a fragrance has patchouli in it It just lasts so long on the skin A lot of those times not always and I just really enjoy that scent You could also really smell the caramel on this one. You smell the vanilla the sexy coffee beans

Oh my gosh, you can totally smell the coffee. It’s absolutely stunning. This is the love child of YSL’s black opium and Lancome la vie I’m it on the rugged landed on the brook leaves Lancome the red bell never hold it by the cap Okay, never if that perfume and black opium had a baby

It would be this if you like those two perfumes, you will absolutely love this. It is delicious. Look where I’m buying I’m obsessed light blue is another one from Dolce and Gabanna that I really really love but they just fragrancesRight and sometimes you’ll get a super long-wearing one and sometimes you won’t the original light blue

Doesn’t last that long on my skin, but this one the intense version is super long-wearing I don’t use this perfume that often because it is one that I only wear in the summertime It’s a very specific scent versus this one that I feel like I can wear year-round

Some people might say it’s just a winter scent But I’ll wear it whenever I want but this was the perfect fresh Beach scent without getting coconutty or like suntan E I like those type of scent so came around. I don’t know I was making that face


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