Best Perfume To Wear On Your Wedding Day In 2021

Best Perfume To Wear On Your Wedding Day In 2021

Best Perfume To Wear On Your Wedding Day In 2021

Best Perfume To Wear On Your Wedding Day In 2021

Best Perfume To Wear On Your Wedding Day In 2021

Today is a very special day very very special why’s it special you may ask because i’m going. Maria is getting married and she asked me to recommend her fragrance that would work because it’s gonna be a good one and congratulations that’s really exciting news I’m honored that you’re inviting me into your wedding day experience so thank you.

So I’ve been thinking about this maria and I’ve come up with eight picks that I want you to try and see if you like for your wedding day the first fragrance that I want to talk about is something blue by oscar de la Renta what makes this fragrance really special is that it has a particular flower which oscar de la renta himself picked from his own garden and put into this beautiful magical sparkling fragrance the next fragrance that

I want to talk about is by iluminum the name of the fragrance is called white gardenia petals this fragrance is very clean and innocent it’s a beautiful white floral and is actually famously known for kate middleton wearing it on her special day the next programs that i want to suggest is a fragrance that I fell in love with a couple years ago.

Terranova China Lily Perfume Essence

  • ROMANTIC AND SWEET: Our exotic China Lily perfume essence combines the dreamy aromas lily of the valley, pink Chinese jasmine, breezy musk and spiced hyacinth to create a beautifully complex scent that is both tender and romantic.

It’s beautiful and it’s glorious the fragrance is called love in white by creed it’s a warm sensual musky scent the dry down on this is super beautiful this is a fragrance that is you definitely have to let it wear on you and let it quiet down but it just enveloped into something that very soft warm and it will definitely invite hugs the next fragrance that I’d fragrance definitely has a warmness to it and clean this to it was created by master perfumer shop polls so this is a notable one that I think would be beautiful on a wedding day

Another fragrance from the house she now which I would absolutely suggest I actually own it as well it’s called chance so fresh and its chances just a beautiful pink pepper sent absolutely love it I own a bottle of it and it was my signature for a long time I got a lot of compliments with that fragrance that fragrance commands compliments next fragrance that I want to talk about is one that I own as well it’s bye-bye reto and it’s called launched just a really beautiful elegant white fragrance

Best Perfume To Wear On Your Wedding Day In 2021

It has cool aldehydes in their very floral just very it’s it’s an airy transparent and and I think that it would work beautiful in a garden wedding another fragrance that I would absolutely suggest and ifyou can get your hands on it definitely give it a try it’s called carnal flower by Dominique Ropion it’s for the frédéric malle line and i actually have it on right now today first of all this fragrance is a masterpiece let’s just go let’s just put it out beautiful interpretation of a to burrow sent ever so is very lush and dents in it just envelops you this is a fragrance that it’s all in the dry down at first

You gotta give us some time let it marinate on the skin give it some time and it just opens up into the most glorious to grow sent I’ve

MY FRAGRANCE Personalized Perfume for Gift

Best Perfume To Wear On Your Wedding Day In 2021

  • Colour: Black and Pink
  • Choice your fragrance: we also design/mix of fragrance according to your choice
  • We get information about user like as gender, age, nature, habits and personality like as rock, gentle,

Ever tried so lastly I wanted to suggest a fragrance that i’ve been wearing and I’ve really been enjoying it and I feel like as you’ve described your wedding it being rustic and boho and minimalist and simple but elegant this brand commodity the fragrance is called gold and i adore this scent it’s very warm vanilla cake it smells like cake and yumminess and I think that this is just a super glorious brand for you to try out so what you described about your wedding

 Pure Gold Aromatic Oud Rose Saffron

Best Perfume To Wear On Your Wedding Day In 2021

  • Top notes are agarwood (oud), saffron and cinnamon;
  • Middle notes are rose and sandalwood;
  • Base notes are incense, amber, leather, musk and vanilla.

I think that this is a brand that will really resonate with you so definitely give it a try so I wanted to give you this little sampler kit from commodity and i hope you enjoy it it has gold in here which is the one that I’m suggesting so what’s great about this brand is if you mix the sense together you can come up with beautiful cocktails of your own so I mix gold and magnolia for one of their signature cocktails called blanc and it was goal aureus so

I want you to experience it i want you to try it if you don’t like it give it back just kidding it’s all yours again Maria thank you so much for requesting this type of Article these are actually my favorite type


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