How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021

How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021

How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021

How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021


In this blog, you see one new thing that helps you daily, first of all, every men and woman are applying different types of perfume and its a good thing even they don’t know How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021 In this blog I’m going to teach you how to apply and where to apply the perfume.

This is what you need to pay attention to. Sometimes fragrances can backfire. Oftentimes, they’re great if you use them appropriately. But if you’re not paying attention to the situation, you don’t realize I’m gonna be on an airplane, in and around a lot of other people, I probably don’t wanna choke ‘em out versus if you’re

Just hanging around the house and you wanna smell good. You’re wearing a fragrance for yourself or you want to have something that’s going to give you confidence because you’re giving a big presentation at work.

Again, you need to pay attention to the situation and then choose the appropriate fragrance. Next up, understand what you’re wearing. In fact, it’s best if you’ve practiced wearing this fragrance and you know, okay, this isn’t gonna offend anyone.

How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021

It’s a crowd-pleaser, a very light aquatic fragrance versus something that’s a bit stronger. Something that could be overpowering. Something that some people are not gonna like. Other people are gonna love it. Next up, gents, you want to understand the potency of what you’re wearing.

A particular line, if it’s a perfume, should be more concentrated than down the eau de toilette. Next up, let’s talk about sillage also known as projection. This is the way the fragrance reacts to the environment. Can other people smell you when you’re wearing the fragrance? You’re gonna find some popular ones.

You Can Spray 5 Sprays On Your Body Most People Will Not Be Able To Smell It:

It sits close to the body and that’s great when you want something that’s not really—You know, you’re wearing it for yourself. Other times, you’re going out to the club.

Yeah. You want to announce yourself as soon as you walk into the room. You want to overpower other people and you want to be smelled, then you wear a fragrance right here that actually has a lot of sillages, has a lot of projection.

Now, this next mistake I see people make all the time, they walk into the store, they grab the fragrance, they spray it on a card and that is the way they judge. Guys, that is not how you judge a fragrance. It’s a very superficial way.

How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021


First up,

You’re only getting the top note. Now, talk about that in a second. But the big thing here is you’re not testing how it actually reacts to your body and your unique chemistry. You’re just simply a unique human being. And the way the fragrance will react to your body is going to be slight.

Different. And for some people, it can be a huge difference in the way it smells. Now, I talked about notes. So, you’re just smelling the top note there. Guys, there are heart notes. There are base notes. And this is where we’re gonna say it’s designer fragrances,

Niche fragrances. In general, you’re gonna have that middle note that isn’t gonna hit for probably a few minutes. And then that base note, it could be a few hours.

And What You May Find Is,

yeah, maybe you didn’t fall in love with that top note. It was actually uninspiring. Well, guess what? You see a lot of the same top notes again and again, but it starts to change up in that middle. You may find something there that “Oh, wow, I really like that.”

You get down to that base note. “Oh my God, like this stuff is amazing.” Or you may not like it. The point is though, you need to try on a fragrance. And getting back to chemistry, let’s talk about what happens when you get hot when you start to sweat. How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021


You may find that some fragrances just become way stronger and they start to smell very different and that’s why you need to practice wearing these because, yeah, you’re in that interview and you didn’t expect that fragrance to all of a sudden start projecting like a beast and, yeah, she has to open up a window because it’s a little bit too strong there.

The point is to practice wearing these fragrances before you make a judgment of whether or not it’s actually right for you. Now, let’s talk about when to apply a fragrance. For me, I like to be consistent. Within minutes after drying off out of the shower in the morning,


This is when I apply my fragrance. Pretty much any time I take a shower. If I shower again in the afternoon after workout, I’m going to apply a fragrance again at that same point. Now, what if you want to apply a fragrance in the second half of the day? You didn’t shower. You just simply don’t smell your fragrance anymore. That’s perfectly fine, but the thing here is make sure you didn’t go nose blind.

Some of those stronger fragrances, we can become used to and, yes, we may not smell it, but other people still can. And don’t forget. A lot of fragrances, they’ve got a lifecycle. So, you may actually be at the base of the fragrance. You got those undertones going. And if you apply it again, if it’s the same fragrance, it oftentimes will work fine, but don’t think that I don’t smell anything,


I’m gonna wear a different fragrance now because you may get some type of reaction you’re not looking for. Basically, when 2 smells combine that weren’t meant to go together, yeah, it may not be what you’re exactly looking for there. Now, we’re on the body. Do you want to apply a fragrance and how many sprays? So, the number of sprays, guys, really depends

On the strength of the fragrance and how much do you wanna project. Again, some fragrances you can spray 5-7 times and they’re not actually gonna project much. Other ones, you spray once and people are gonna be smelling this on the other side of the room because they’re that strong. But in general, I like to spray on the hot spots of the body.

So, let’s start: RULE NO 1 

With the chest. This is the easiest. And I think if you just out of the shower, you can spray 1 spray right there, about 3 to 6 inches depends on the atomizer, which is basically the sprayer up here, how it projects and how
it shoots. Again, you wanna understand what you’re using. But right here, you know, about
3 to 6 inches sprayed right on the chest is a great place to start.

How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021


After that, you can maybe move up to the neck. You can maybe go on each of the arms. You’re looking for hotspots.
Again, areas where it’s naturally going to get warm and the smell is going to radiate off. I often find it on the forearms as well. Maybe on the back of the neck. How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021


Now, that’s a lot of places. And I’m not gonna say you have to hit all of them. Again, it depends how many sprays do you wanna put on. I know people that like to apply 8 sprays. In fact, some guys will even spray it on their clothing. I don’t recommend that for your outer clothing. Why? Because it takes a long time especially if it’s a strong fragrance.

How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021


It could sit there for literally weeks. And so, you know, it just is something that can project for a long time. Also, it doesn’t smell the same as when it’s on your body.  Again, your body when the fragrance is on there, it projects a slightly different fragrance. Another thing you want to watch out for, really expensive nicer clothing.


Especially light colored clothing, it can actually change the color and stain the clothing. Now, the one garment I will say that is great for spraying on is an undershirt and I advocate men wear these because, guess what, if you find that it’s something that doesn’t project


Fragrance actually does a much better job of projecting once it’s just on the undershirt. Now, this next mistake I disagree what do you think,

But you’re gonna hear some people say you should never spray your fragrance on your body and then rub it. That’s bad. You should only dab. And I see the logic here.

They’re thinking “Okay. It creates heat, friction, which is going to break the bonds of the molecules.” But I’ve also got a background in chemistry and How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021  I mean it takes a lot of heat and a lot of friction. And I think that you would actually probably tear up your skin before you would actually break down some of these molecular bonds here. I don’t know. What do you guys think? Let me know down in the comments. Is this one, you know, just, yeah, not true or is it actually legit? Now, these next two mistakes are ones,

How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021


A lot of guys don’t think about, but it is damaging your fragrance. And that is storing it out in the open so it’s exposed to light especially sunlight and then darkness and on and off. What this does is the light goes through and it actually does react with the molecules. And overtime especially that sunlight can damage the fragrance. Another mistake,

Exposing it to extreme heat and extreme cold, basically leaving out in your car and it goes from freezing weather to extreme hot weather. That right there will kill your fragrance. What I recommend is keep the containers that these come in and just simply store them in the containers. That right there prevents light. Don’t keep them in your bathroom. I

know it’s convenient to have it right there, but, no, keep it in your room. Keep it out of light and keep it at a pretty steady temperature. Gents, as you can tell, I love fragrances. When you find your signature scent, this is a great way to stand out from the crowd. How To Apply Perfume Smells Are Stay 48 Hours Long 2021  My general philosophy about fragrances, they should help you be discovered.


Announce you when you walk into a room. Remember gents, less is more and practice wearing these fragrances so you can know what to expect from their performance visit 


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