Top 5 Perfume For Teenage Girl And Women In India 2021

Top 5 Perfume For Teenage Girl And Women In India 2021

Top 5 Perfume For Teenage Girl And Women In India 2021

Top 5 Perfume For Teenage Girl And Women In India 2021

Top 5 Perfume For Teenage Girl And Women In India 2021

Hello, guys in this article I made killer fragrances perfume for Teenage girls or women. you guys all wanted to see the members and so you want to see what fragrances are the women killer fragrances now I’m gonna be totally honest there are probably about three fragrances in this list so

I personally I’m not the biggest fan of but I put them on the list because I have personally met so many women that say so many incredible things about those certain three fragrances one of the people one woman is showing me, my sister, we have the same taste but we also have different tastes but I also made sure that I asked different girls in my life where I made sure that I made this list honestly not just the personal list for what I think are the men killer fragrances otherwise honestly

Herod would be in this list but it’s not in the list because that’s just a personal thing for me but I made sure that I did this as a broad spectrum of women killer fragrances in general that I’ve personally experienced with the majority of women so without further ado I have all and these are the tenth first woman killer fragrance that I’m gonna talk about is this baby  guys always  I do like I’m a top puff from Damali or

like, my favorite partner, Mali is you will notice that this is never in my personal favorites because for me personally me Demming this is not my favorite I don’t hate it I do think it smells bad it’s just not my favorite scent but show me this is like one of her top fragrances of from perfume Molly one of her top of the top Pegasus

1 Parfums De Marly Pegasus Eau De Parfum Spray

Top 5 Perfume For Teenage Girl And Women In India 2021

  • Lasting fragrance
  • For all skin type
  • Quantity- 125ml/4. 2oz

2 Christian Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT Spray 

Top 5 Perfume For Teenage Girl And Women In India 2021

  • Miss Dior Cherie 3.4 oz.
  • Miss Dior Cherie 3.4 oz.
  • Miss Dior Cherie 3.4 oz.
  • This Product is Shipped from the USA within 7 to 14 days of receipt of an order.

Is it and if you just what they think of Pegasus majority of women are going to tell you how much they love it they love and they think it’s sexy for me this is a really beautiful kind of metallic vanilla and I get a lot of bitter almonds and a lot of vanilla it’s almost got a little bit of freshness to it I feel like you kind of wear this all year round maybe just start wearing like the super hot hot hot hot weather I like humid homestay away from it but in the spring-fall winter date night hour I think that this is fantastic of course this was going to be in the list again despite my feelings of doing samaj

I cannot tell you how many girls are obsessed with this scent personal friends of mine save Debbie my ex like I can’t whenever I smell the fragrance he used to wear that JohnnyDepp fragrance this is a right here cannot tell you how many girls that I’ve met that say this is their number one fragrance for men it is the sex in a bottle fragrance for them it is the best friend they’ve ever smelled for a man this is it your samaj

3 James Bond 007 for Women II Eau de Parfum 75ml

I personally recommend getting the oiler toilette here I actually have the savage puff on but I recommend the EDT the most because with the Eau de Parfum and the pot farm they’ve kind of put a little more sweetness in it which has taken a tiny bit away from the freshness so for me personally if I could recommend you guys which do suffice which version goes for the Eau de Toilette it’s got everything quantity it’s fantastic and despite

what say about your samaj I can’t paint on it because I used to love it used to love this fragrance back in the day I guess now that I’ve kind of experimented with different scents its not my favorite but I cannot deny how many women love it this is a total women killer fragrance signature scent worthy all year round date night fresh out of the shower alittle bit citrusy pink pepper that kindof a rocks and sort

Justin is fantastic it is fantastic for me it’s kind of that aftershave chef out of the shower fresh out of the shower sort of sensory lavage like I said I go for anything that’s one many boys next up I am actually planning through like a public wears a Monsieurfragrances mine to work that does hurt me a little bit because they’re so expensive but I let her do that because she’s my sister and I’m Agnes year that I have to heal obviously I am into quite a few and I said show me I need your help let’s nail it down I only want to put two in y’all I know which true I want to put in here which –

do you think so we know it down to two that we both agree on are the sexiest addictive mankiller sense this is blessed Baraka I actually took this to New York with me I will this setting for I got so many compliments the scent because absolutely it is incredible this is a beautiful oriental little sweet and very sexy musky oh my good god addictive aphrodisiac so many and initiate fragrances to me I’m not just saying it because I don’t really care if you don’t buy them it doesn’tbother me at all I’m not making money they have a certain sex appeal which does really fit in with the brand like the

4 Garance Perfume For Women, Long-Lasting Luxury French Fragrance

Top 5 Perfume For Teenage Girl And Women In India 2021

marketing the brand itself I learned a lot when I was in tan and it does kind of that is kind of what they what would you say like a brand themselves as but really truly there is something sexual about the fragrances I’m not just saying it and this definitely does it for me 100% blessed America showed me this is like her top favorite this and the side effect and the other one there those are Shelby’s top favorite from the brand and this year unless Bracha total woman killer frameset on a Percival Percival, okay I constantly get questions from people that are just getting into fragrance they’re just getting into

Naish and they ask me they say Demi I know you love to perform Damali which is the gateway fragrance to the browser they ask me which is the fragrance that you recommend I have only got a few designer fragrances but I really want to try perfume to Molly which one do I try me I always say to you

I say Percivalactually can I say three possible andthey’re at my list as well sorry for methis is easily like one of the safest fragrances from the house it smells incredible there was a guy at my meetagreewearing Percival and I said seriouslyseriously man you smell so goodso freakin good and I know you’re wearing Percival there’s something aboutthis on the skin that is just phenomenalabsolutely phenomenal it’s fresh it’sgot a little bit of a citrusy nurse butnot too much where it’s very obnoxiousit’s extremely long lasting

extremely long-lasting scent and for me I can not see somebody I’m gonna say this totally out of my heart I cannot see someone not liking the scent no women no man could not like this end and I’m just going to put that out there right now you can say that you think it doesn’t smell unique you can say whatever you want but nobody can say that they don’t like it that just what I think personally sorryPercival from parfum de molydefinitely a woman killed said if you will get compliments I was with Carlos from Brooklyn fragrance lover hey if you’re watching and he told me that says as one of his biggest compliment get us from

Molly yes Faribault began this is like where my fragrance journey began Pacificrock moths from gold-filled banks totally a woman killer sin doesn’t matter what you personally I believe women like either fresh or sweet on a man fresh was sweetand for mein, my experience women, mostly like thefresh all sort of things so this is a total kill I know this from experience

I know this for myself I wear this fragrance all the time and I have a really close guy friend in my life who I absolutely love in a door and I give this bottle to him not this one a bottle of Pacificrock moss and he told me he said Demi the number of compliments that I get with this and I haven’t ever had much attention on my fragrance in my life he is a doctor he gets complimented at work by

the nurses he gets complimented in the library when it’s studying he gets so many compliments with this scent from women and men that most women so Pacific rock moss go field and banners you can’t go wrong the only thing I have to say the longevity likemost people say it’s not the best but who cares I’m sorry you can’t take it with you respray a little bit you’re good to go in the scent itself is fantastic its fresh aquatic marine a little salty other juicy and it’s citrusy a little fruity it’s just heavenly it’s one of e best fresh fragrances that you could pick it’s one of the best of the best fresh fragrances evereros eros the king the clubbing kind I actually smelled this in New YorkCity there was a guy I was walking pastime he looked about maybe I would say maybe 17 17 or 18

And I could tell straight away I was like this dude wearing eros and he smells freakingamazing I got the scent trail that went in my face hey smell so good and that is just the thing with arrows I have I can not tell you how many guys are complimented wearing arrows

it actually does smell kind of different on each person not too different but it definitely plays differently on everyone which I love but it is fantastic freshoh my goodness smelling it right now I love arrows so much it’s minty fresh vanilla Tonka sexy sex sexy project psycho bees last such a long time I recommend this for oh yeah I totally recommend it for all year and especially for a night out if you wear this on a night out you’re going to get so much attention you’re going to be fighting girls off with a stick I would hope not so sucky tourists my baby lengthen okay so like I was saying about these two when people ask me but there’s third one in New York there is a third but when people ask me

I’d wear say first of all they asked me which one doI get and I would say first of all it’s a lot safer than later and although I still think that this is appealing to most people and it totally is because it’s a huge compliment get up by everyone worldwide it’s their number one seller so everybody loves it but if I have to say which one it’s safe oh you know you’ve got like three fragrances in your collection you might have dual survival Oh Chanel and a little sport lets just say that which one would

5 Liberty LUXURY Dusk Perfume for Women, Long Lasting Smell

Top 5 Perfume For Teenage Girl And Women In India 2021


I go for probably this one so that’s just what I was saying it is a safer option later later later later oh my good god it is just it’s heaven our Nanak vanilla some apple some cardamom some wittinessaromatic it’s addictive this is hands-down in my opinion this is a unisex fragrance but for me, it’s a little more masculine

I mean just the best and the best vanilla fragrance for a man period it’s not too sweet it’s there what a little bit of masculinity in there there’s the neat quality it’s just incredible I’m totally woman killer I remember I was very I did I on a pole at the beach like a little testing with women at the beach and I gave them credit

Ventus and Layton and later one that’s just a create event is like the biggest seller of nice fragrance in the world but Layton beat it hands down so that’s just proof that’s just facts I’m sorry that just facts sorry Layton fromMolly totally recommended total woman killer fragrance show me was like you have to include equity to your perfumery

have to and I said it’s not my favorite and she said doesn’t matter it’s my woman’s favorite and that is so true I have to take my personal feelings out I love this fragrance I do really really really enjoy the fragrance now I used to not like it so much but now I can appreciate this scent for what it is because to me it smells really high-quality it is a very high-quality well-blended fragrance it’s very fresh patchouli some citrus


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